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Site Development Update

How many people does it take to change a light bulb? Well, it could be hundreds. Especially if they can’t agree on the bulb. Praise God, changing our whole site is rather more exciting. What’s more, we are getting somewhere. Our site redevelopment project, Making space for good in Peckham, has just passed a really […]

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Pray for Alpha

Our three Alpha courses have developed very differently from one another, but with a common theme of real openness, great relationships and a desire to know God more. We would love your continued prayers! Give thanks for the groups, the leaders, and the warmth and depth of relationships. Please pray for our evening group, where discussion […]

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God at work

‘Thank God it’s Monday’… ! Not what I say when I deliver my two children to the school gate at 9am on Monday morning as I recover from a weekend of children’s activities, but the title of a book by Mark Greene. In it, Mark asks how we as Christians can make the most of […]

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