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TLC for the All Saints site

Our site at All Saints is something we prize. Not because of its value as a piece of real estate, nor because of its prime location opposite Peckham Rye station. It’s not particularly the architecture or – despite the talents of our greenfingered members – our nice borders. We value the fact that we are […]

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Getting Gospel-ready

After presenting the gospel Cathy asked a young woman if she was ready to pray to receive Christ. The woman replied, ‘This is a huge decision. I need unlimited time to think about it.’ Cathy, with a twinkle in her eye, replied, ‘You won’t have unlimited time until you pray.’ The student realised Cathy was […]

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Jonathan’s Sabbatical Blog ♯1: Vive la difference

‘Foreigners’ – those are some people who might have baggage attached. Spot the double meaning there? There’s no better way of unpacking it than by becoming one myself. A mere hour’s voyage from Dover across the moat called the English Channel, and I am the foreigner. Where the word for me is ‘l’étranger’. Literally, the stranger. The one who is […]

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