Our Vision and Values

All Saints is a growing and lively Anglican congregation. We are a church at the heart of Peckham. People from all backgrounds and cultures find their home with us. Central to our shared life is our belief in God – we are united by his love for us and for the world. We believe we have a common vision to be transformed by Jesus, sent with his good news into Peckham and the world. As a church, we share common values. We are:

 CHANGED As ordinary people we are being transformed as we encounter God through his Word and his Spirit.
WELCOMED Each one of us belongs by grace to God’s family whatever our background, age, nationality, personality, history, strength or weakness.
SUPPORTED We help one another to grow in our faith and character from the youngest to the very oldest.
CONTRIBUTING We encourage each other to use the gifts and creativity God has given every one of us.
SENT God has an exciting, radical and challenging call on our lives; to join him in making Jesus and his love known in Peckham and beyond.