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From feasibility to fundraising

As many of you will know, we are in the process of considering how to redevelop our church site to make best use of it. We are aware that the congregation has not heard much from the site redevelopment team for a while since we shared the results of the feasibility study back in April. […]

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An amazing listen if you have time…

Every so often you come across an amazing person who reminds you why faith and a belief in Jesus does really make a difference. If you have time this week this interview with Elaine Storkey is really worth a listen. For those who are following the Archers at the moment a very real insight into a tricky […]

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Christmas – faith in my doubt

This blog accompanies my sermon which was originally preached on the 20/12/15 and can be heard here. I find Christmas fascinating; countries around the world stop everything for a festival that for many celebrants on a day to day basis has little relevance and they would admit makes little difference to their life. For me personally […]

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A poem by Gerard Kelly I read at the end of my talk in yesterday’s Sunday morning service, a call to bring ‘Heaven on Earth’: I want to be a grace guerilla, no longer a chameleon of karma; the time has come to stand out from the crowd. I want to give forgiveness a fighting […]

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Nativity on the Overground

We took to the iconic London Overground to stage this fun and experimental video. Part flashmob, part timelapse, part street theatre, the goal was to retell the Nativity story with London as our backdrop.

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