Our site redevelopment

Site Development Update January 2018

The site development project, ‘Making space for good in Peckham’, always makes me think of a massive oil tanker – it has a turning circle of miles and takes up to 6 hours to stop. The same can be said of our project here. Due to its size we need to make sure that we […]

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Site Development Update

How many people does it take to change a light bulb? Well, it could be hundreds. Especially if they can’t agree on the bulb. Praise God, changing our whole site is rather more exciting. What’s more, we are getting somewhere. Our site redevelopment project, Making space for good in Peckham, has just passed a really […]

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Feasibility Update: Church Visits

Many of you will remember the Sunday we dedicated to thinking, dreaming and praying about our church site and the possibilities that could be opened up by redevelopment. The background to this was that the church was going to have to spend a substantial sum in the short term, just to maintain the existing buildings. And, considering […]

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