PB, or not PB?

The two most important letters in the runner’s alphabet are these – they stand for Personal Best. The best time you’ve ever run for your distance. The PB can become like your CV, your business card, it says who you are. A friend has his 1500 metre PB time immortalised in his email address. Because […]

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God is in Little Saints

Where is God on a Sunday morning?  Of course, God is everywhere all the time, but where do you think of meeting God?  Maybe in the main church building where there’s an amazing worship band and a gifted speaker?  Maybe with the youth, or in the beach hut with the older primary children, or the […]

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All Saints United

When I was 15, one of my best friends moved abroad. A year later, he came back to visit, and explained some things he had experienced that I will never forget. One of the things I remember him saying was that his new home had been billed as a ‘melting pot’ of different types of […]

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Mums of Little Ones (Molo)

Tina Fey, American actress and comedienne, said ‘Being a mom has made me so tired. And so happy.’ I can relate to this. My journey to motherhood wasn’t straightforward and so the largest part of me is grateful and full of joy to be living the dream I held for so long. But I am […]

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