Christmas at All Saints Peckham



Carol singing at Pexmas – Saturday 9 December (time tbc)

Station outreach – Tuesday 12 & Thursday 14 December, 6.45am at church or 7am in the station.

Carols in pubs and parish – Wednesday 13 December, 7pm

Why do we still go carol singing? It is the one time in the year where we get to sing to others about who Jesus is, knock on the doors of those in our parish, have a conversation with them and invite them to a church service! Why would we not go carol singing?…



Carols Around the Piano – Sunday 10 December, 6pm

Carols by Candlelight (two services this year):

Sunday 17 Dec, 5pm, mince pies and mulled wine served from 4.30pm. We encourage those with small children to come to this service.


Sunday 17 Dec 7pm, mince pies and mulled wine served after the service



Children’s Christingle – Sunday 24 December, 10.30am

Midnight Communion – Sunday 24 December, 11.15pm

Morning Communion – Monday 25 December, 9.30am

Christmas Day service – Monday 25 December, 10.30am



Can you commit to coming along and helping? Cooking, serving, giving lifts, washing up, entertaining!  It’s a great way of spending a Christmas day.

Families are welcome, and we finish and start heading home after the queen’s speech.

If you can’t come along, but you are in Peckham on Christmas day, can you cook a chicken in your oven and bring it along (cooked!) at Christmas lunchtime?  Because of the increasing numbers, we are looking to do things in a different way this year, as much as possible, sharing the cooking out.

Because giving lifts is one of our biggest challenges, could you contribute to a taxi for someone?

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