We believe we have a common vision to be, transformed by Jesus, sent with his good news into Peckham and the world.

Community and Mission Work

Here at All Saints, we believe in being an outward looking church, delivering tangible community services and changing the world. We believe that this both demonstrates the love of God practically and also proclaims His passion for humanity through the love of Jesus Christ.

Mission and Outreach traverses across all the departments of the church, it’s not a stand alone endeavour! So, our children’s work will always be looking for ways to engage young children from unchurched backgrounds through Holiday Clubs; the youth team will constantly have their eye on the horizon scanning for young people struggling with making sense of their world – be it through schools work or on the streets of Peckham, at the same time as nurturing the spiritual development of the youth within the church, and so it goes on in relation to Students; Families work etc.