Each one of us belongs by grace to God’s family whatever our background, age, nationality, personality, history, strength or weakness.

Brixton Prison

A team of people from All Saints visit Brixton Prison every six to eight weeks. It’s a wonderful opportunity to worship Jesus with the men who appreciate that we are there to share God’s love with them.

Brixton is now a Category C prison, which means that the men are coming to the end of their prison sentences and are preparing to rejoin society – for some, that means our community here in Peckham. It is a real privilege to pray with them about their next steps in their lives and encourage them to keep walking with Jesus. If you would like to visit on a Sunday, please contact us through the Church office.

All Saints are also pioneering CAP Money in Brixton Prison to over 100 men a year, to empower the inmates to be able to be good stewards of the financial resources they receive.