Don’t follow Jesus?


Social media. It’s there, whether you like it or not. How many platforms are you on? Is your profile up to scratch? And then there’s the matter of who’s following you… and who do you follow?

You can tell a lot about someone by the Tweets they post. Or can you? Do you really know them? Or just what they want you to see?

Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram – these all allow us to present the side of ourselves we want people to see, a reality that we carefully control. Some people are more honest than others.

But it’s not the same as meeting someone face-to-face or having a friendship. Yes, there’s an encounter or even a ‘conversation’. But at a distance. Following someone on Twitter, I can switch the person off or tune out whenever I want. That’s why ‘Don’t follow Jesus’ came about.

We don’t want to Twitter-follow Jesus. It’s not enough to read his Tweets (the Bible) or look at his Instagram account (nature or anything amazing!). We want to follow  follow Jesus.

There’s a rabbinic tradition that invites a disciple to follow his rabbi closely enough to be covered by the dust of their feet. Jesus wants us to get closer. And there’s a very real danger that we’ll be challenged and transformed in ways we could never imagine…

This Sunday morning, the youth will be starting a new series, ‘Don’t follow Jesus’. Please pray for them and the leaders as they explore how to get closer to Jesus.

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