Sunday, 10.30am – around 250 of us gather together for a more lively service with worship, prayer, reading from God’s word and teaching. Groups for children and youth are available.

Sunday, 6.00pm – join us on Sunday evening for a more relaxed service with with worship and a talk and plenty of time for ministry in the Spirit.

Tuesday, 11.15am – an intimate gathering where, together, we pray, worship, read God’s word and receive teaching.

Summer Sundays

Sunday’s 29 July – 2 September will look a little different at All Saints Peckham.

Morning service:

We are starting a new, reflective, communion service on Sunday mornings at 9.30am in the hall. If you appreciate meeting God in this way, please come along.

Our 10.30am services will be in church and designed to be child-friendly, on the theme of ‘Life-changing meetings with God’. It will be a 20-20-20 format, starting with 20 minutes of worship and prayer, followed by 20 minutes of child-friendly, all action teaching, followed by 20 minute creative response and reflection.

Our Summer Sundays set up will run on the following dates:

Sunday July 29th.
9.30am. Psalm 14; John 6:1-21.
10.30am. Genesis 21:8-21. Hagar – Lost to found.

August 5th.
9.30am. Psalm 51:1-13. John 6:24-35.
10.30am. Genesis 32: 22 -32.  Jacob – My way to His way.

August 12th.
9.30am. Psalm 130. John 6:35-51.
10.30am. Judges 6:11-19. Gideon – From fearful to faithful.

August 19th.
9.30am. Psalm 111. John 6:51-58.
10.30am. John 4: 13-26. The woman at the well – From thirsty to overflowing.

August 26th.
9.30am. Psalm 84. John 6:56-69.
10.30am. Luke 7:36-39. A sinful woman – From sinner to saint.

September 2nd.
9.30am. Psalm 15. Mark 7:1-13.
10.30am. Acts 9:1-16. Saul – from enemy to friend.

Please note, there won’t be any children’s groups running these Sunday’s.

Evening Service:

“You are a letter from Christ” (2 Corinthians 3.3).  How is Jesus revealing himself in our many and varied lives? How has God been speaking to us individually and as a community through the bible? We’ll hear testimonies of God at work through his Word and Spirit, from some of the ‘living letters’ of our church community. Let’s expect to be built up in him as we hear testimony of encouragements, struggles, challenges, callings and passions!

Tuesday Service:

The Tuesday service will finish in 17 July and will commence in 4 September.