All Saints Youth

An encouragement for our youth work is something author and preacher Ray Hughes said this summer: “If you can see the road ahead then it probably isn’t from God.”
That’s true for us – we can’t see the road ahead, but we do know that it’s massively exciting.

Here’s what we do know …

  • God is on the move with this generation who are the church of today – as well as tomorrow.
  • Many of our youth have recently returned from the youth camp Soul Survivor and we have heard testimony of many great things that God was doing amongst them there.
  • We’ve said goodbye to our youth worker of 7 years, Sev, and haven’t yet found God’s woman or man to take on the work with youth.
  • We have a new Youth Space about to be built and completed in October next to the hall; also a slowly crystallising vision for a weekly youth gathering, where God is met, His Word the Bible is studied. That’s what Soul Survivor returnees have said they want and what God wants for them.
  • That gathering may be on a Sunday or a Friday evening, as well as in cell groups meeting at other times in the week.

On the morning of Sunday 10 September, we are gathering as many of the youth and leaders as we can to discern a way forward. Whatever it looks like, we need the whole church – that’s you – to be involved using all the gifts everyone has, not least those of you who are in the youth.



One thing we do know is that every other Wednesday from 7pm, ‘Destiny’ a small group for older teenage girls will meet.
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