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Our mission partners Joerg and Lisa work with a small team called Xenos (meaning ‘foreigner’ in Greek) in a German city with a population of 50% immigrant background, ministering to the spiritual and practical needs of refugees and asylum seekers. They help run a cafe, contribute to church services and help with interpretation and translation. Please pray for them and their ministry.

“Today Ridha who got baptised a few weeks ago asked me during our café time if I had a minute. I assumed he had a practical request like me explaining to him some info from the unemployment office. However, Ridha introduced me to someone else who told me that he felt very attracted to the Christian faith. We discussed a bit what it means to be a Christian and made an appointment to start working through the Al Massira course, a series of 13 DVD episodes explaining the way of salvation from creation to Christ in Arabic. I might also invite to this event a Kurd who also wants to know more about Christianity. Unfortunately he does not speak Arabic well and we might have too much of a language barrier.

This story reflects a bit of the atmosphere in Xenos over the last few months. In mid September we baptised 11 people: four Arab speakers, six Persian speakers and one German. This was done together with a local German church because most of those being baptised attend Xenos and this German church. This is good for them because in Xenos they receive instruction and worship in their own language and in the German church they find opportunity to practice German and integrate into the German culture.

Of the four Arab believers only two came to faith through Xenos. The other two were brought by one of the first two who is very active sharing his faith. After the baptism more people were introduced to us like the ones mentioned above. They also attend our services and study one on one or in small groups. It is very encouraging to see new believers sharing their faith.

I spend most of my time helping Arab speaking refugees with practical needs like translation services at doctors, lawyers or the town hall and the follow up of new believers.

Since the support we receive is not enough to meet all our needs here in Germany, Lisa has been looking for work. It is not really her favorite thing to do to apply for jobs in German. However, today an organisation caring for senior citizens and the disabled tested her by inviting her to work with them for a few hours. She feels it went well and hopes to have a part time job soon.”


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  1. Gareth Bell says:

    This is great, fantastic to hear how God is working with the refugees and bring them to Christ’s love.


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