Mums of Little Ones (Molo)


Tina Fey, American actress and comedienne, said ‘Being a mom has made me so tired. And so happy.’ I can relate to this. My journey to motherhood wasn’t straightforward and so the largest part of me is grateful and full of joy to be living the dream I held for so long. But I am also exhausted!

Tired beyond words. The ‘industrial strength’ under-eye concealer I spent a small fortune on is really not cutting it anymore. I forget plans I’ve made, important birthdays and anniversaries of family members and where I put my phone. Last night I actually dreamt about sleep! And I know that many will say ‘it’s just a season’, or ‘it goes by so quickly’ and of course they are right. But when you haven’t had an unbroken night’s sleep in months (a mum friend told me recently that it’s been more than 3 years for her and I have no idea how she’s walking around) it can very easily feel all consuming.

It’s a crazy season of life, mothering little children. For me it has raised a number of different questions that I’m trying to figure out and work through. How do I make friendships work when every conversation is interrupted by a toddler? How can I serve God and the church when I can’t leave my baby for more than two hours? How do I pray when being quiet and peaceful makes me fall asleep?! What does my life count for when it feels like a never-ending cycle of park trips, toddler groups, potty training and night feeds?! (Anna France-Williams, our speaker, co-authored a book called Ordinary Mum, Extraordinary Mission and the first line of the cover blurb says ‘I wanted to change the world, but I couldn’t find a babysitter!’ I can totally relate to this!) On my better days I can hear God’s voice softly whispering responses to some of these questions, affirming his purposes and plans, reminding my proud heart that it’s not about what I do…, but it’s not always easy to hear through the haze. I am, as always, a work in progress.

We are having a MOLO (Mum’s of Little Ones) evening at All Saints on 18th June at 7:45pm in the church and our prayer as a team has been that it will be a chance for mums to ‘lie down in green pastures’. We can’t promise but you a full night’s sleep. But there’ll be time to chat without the interruption of trying to catch your child as he heads for the drum kit. There’ll be time to worship God without having half an eye on the door for the crèche helper coming to tell you that your baby hasn’t settled this week. There’ll be a talk from someone who knows where you’re coming from, has been there, done that, is probably as tired as you are and yet passionately believes that God has something to say to you. And there are people ready to pray for you, to stand with you as you seek God’s heart. There might even be chocolate. And if you’re a mum and any of this appeals to you then we’d love you to come. If you can’t find a babysitter please let us know. Some very kind church members have offered to help with this and we can link you up with someone.

We’re not sure what will happen after the MOLO evening. But our dream is that we find ways to connect together as mums, avoiding the often competitive nature of some mums groups, so that we can encourage each other to press in to what God has for us in this crazy season and to be ordinary mums taking on an extraordinary mission in Peckham. We want to include stay at home mums and working mums, black mums and white mums, married mums and single mums, mums who are sorted, mums who are struggling and everything in between. We’re wondering what that kind of unity could look like. If you have any ideas or thoughts let us know via and we’ll see you on the 18th June, when we might even have time for a chat. Won’t that be nice?!

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