Outreach & Mission

SENT God has an exciting, radical and challenging call on our lives; to join him in making Jesus and his love known in Peckham and beyond.

FOODCYCLE Every Saturday, Peckham FoodCycle collects surplus food from local businesses, then uses our hall kitchen to cook it up and serve it to anyone who wants a delicious, nutritious meal. The meals are served from 4.30 to 6pm on Wednesdays and 5.30 to 7pm on Saturdays. For more information email the church office or peckham@foodcycle.org.uk or visit www.foodcycle.org.uk.

FAIRTRADE At All Saints we currently run a Fairtrade stall twice a month after the morning service, selling Fairtrade food, gifts, cards, toys and much more.
We believe that Jesus calls us to roll up our sleeves and serve the community we live in. Here are some projects we house/run.

EXTERNAL GIVING COMMITTEE Each year we give away 10% of our income and it is the job of the External Giving Committee (EGC) to decide where it should go. The committee agrees Mission Partners: we currently support 11 across the world, all of whom have an All Saints connection. We keep in touch with them, supporting them both financially and in prayer. The EGC decides which organisations to support – amongst them are XLP and Pecan who both work in our local community. The EGC has a hardship fund to support those going on short-term mission and those in immediate need.

CAP Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is a national debt-counselling charity offering hope and a solution to anyone in debt. If you are struggling with debt, please call 0800 328 0006 to make an appointment.
Prayer Against Poverty Our monthly prayer meetings as we pray for our CAP friends and the work of CAP at All Saints Peckham.

  • Monday 22 Jan, 7.30pm, 82 Oglander Road
  • Tuesday 27 Feb, at the Tuesday service, 11.15am
  • Monday 19 Mar 7.30pm, 82 Oglander Road
  • Tuesday 24 Apr, at the Tuesday service, 11.15am

CAP cafe specials We have a community cafe in church each Tuesday and Wednesday. This term CAP are taking over two of these cafes and taking them up a notch: On Tuesday 16 January come along to our cafe and get yourself a makeover and a cooked breakfast. And on Tuesday 20 Feb join us in the cafe for a pancake party.