Tim Armstrong

Our Children’s Team Leader who co-ordinates all we do with the 0-11s.

Tim joined the team in 2010 after graduating from Redcliffe College with a degree in Applied Theology in Intercultural Contexts. He trained with a view to doing full time cross-cultural ‘mission’ abroad but has ended up in Peckham with the world on his doorstep which is both a joy and a challenge. His previous experience includes youth work in various parts of the Midlands, working with development projects in Nepal, trying to surf while on placement in Australia and a gap year job cooking fried breakfasts at a hotel (which has proved good preparation for the All Saints’ Men’s prayer breakfast). After a few months in another position outside London, he has rejoined the team in September 2014.

Tim has a passion for discipleship and equipping young people to be actively engaged in church life. He enjoys attempting to play football, attempting to play various musical instruments, attempting to travel and succeeding at eating scampi and chips.