Site Development Update January 2018


The site development project, ‘Making space for good in Peckham’, always makes me think of a massive oil tanker – it has a turning circle of miles and takes up to 6 hours to stop. The same can be said of our project here. Due to its size we need to make sure that we set off in the right direction (and that everyone is on board!), as later decisions can take forever to change.

Over the last couple of months this has been the main priority for the site development team, making sure that we are – to quote Jesus – building the right house on rock (Matthew 7:24-27). So what has been achieved over the last few months? Highlights include:

  • Purchasing the church office from the diocese. Praise God – this is the completion of a very lengthy saga!
  • Setting up working groups to review and build on the feasibility study
  • Building the youth space which only needs roof repairs to be completed
  • Making the building fit for purpose before the larger project. This includes work on the drains, external wall, football cage and starting the apse repair process. (The apse is the end of church behind and above the worship band).

By far the biggest breakthrough is taking possession of the Church office. The terms of the deal agreed by PCC (our Parochial Church Council) are that we receive it in exchange for Jenny’s current flat. Both of the properties were independently valued and were found to be at the same value (approx. £400,000); we also had an outstanding mortgage on Jenny’s flat which the diocese have paid off. Moving forward Jenny will continue to stay in her flat but we will now pay rent to the diocese, the rental rate being lower than what we were paying for the mortgage. Suffice to say this all feels like a great answer to prayer!

Moving forward, 2018 promises to be a really exciting year with several key targets. In the first 4 months of the year we have set up several groups to look at governance structures, fundraising and finance, reviewing the feasibility study in detail, with a final group looking at how to engage different audiences both inside and outside the church. From these groups we are producing a report to take to funders, and using it to invite several architects to run a competition in the latter half of the year.

By the end of 2018 we are hoping to have achieved the following:

  • Appointed the architects and begun the final design
  • Begun the planning application
  •  Started the fundraising

Whilst we have loads planned for 2018 the biggest thing is how can we all support Making space for good in Peckham, our site development project. Some (but not all) ways to do so are …

  • Joining us in prayer – as the project is all about bringing God’s Kingdom to Peckham, this will only happen if we pray and listen to God.
  • Using our gifts. As the project evolves we will need different skills at different points. At present, we are looking for those with a passion and gifting for marketing, fundraising or communication – if that could be you, please make contact with the Church Office.
  • Giving financially, even before we begin our main fundraising drive.
  • Providing feedback. The site development team are always on the look out for feedback, be it visions and words from God to thoughts that have occurred during our use of the cur rent buildings. Please let the office know what these thoughts and words are.

Thanks for your support so far on the project; together we will build a Church for the next 150 years!

Tom Hardyman (Ops Director)

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