TLC for the All Saints site


Our site at All Saints is something we prize. Not because of its value as a piece of real estate, nor because of its prime location opposite Peckham Rye station. It’s not particularly the architecture or – despite the talents of our greenfingered members – our nice borders. We value the fact that we are part of an important story God’s working out that goes back a long way. We also value the fact we’re slap bang in the middle of a community we love and long to reach with good news.

For a long time the church was cleaned by a group of faithful ladies who also had prayer meetings that were a vital part of God keeping the church open when others had plans to close it.

How we’ve cared for the church has changed over the years. Informal arrangements, formal rotas, teams (often featuring the same individuals). We went through a phase where different housegroups cleaned the church. But with the church being in use so much (a good thing) it was becoming difficult for volunteer cleaners to access the church in the evenings. So, in April last year, for the first time we used a contract cleaner (the company is called DBS), who come in through the week and clean the church kitchen and toilet and, if time allows, a bit of hoovering.

However, it became apparent at this year’s Big Church Day In that some jobs were only happening once a year when in fact the church could benefit from them being done more regularly. Wiping down the glass panes at the back of church. Cleaning the windowsills. Cleaning and hoovering the apse and stage area. That’s why the monthly Gardening Mornings are expanding to include church cleaning – and shall be known as our Gardening and cleaning mornings.

Big Church Day In has shown how what would be ‘chores’ at home become less onerous and even (dare we say it) fun when others are involved. So, potential cleaners out there, please come along and help love our church and site. The next few dates are Saturdays 25 June, 30 July and 27 August (usually the last Saturday of each month). The sessions run from 10am to 1pm. All are very welcome.


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