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Winnie works in the All Saints office for CAP (Christians Against Poverty). She is also in the process of setting up Giraffe Mobile Education Project (in her spare time!). It’s a literacy charity providing free access to a variety of books and literacy materials to primary school aged children in the town of Akropong-Akuapem in the Eastern region of Ghana. At the end of July she and her daughter are going to Ghana for three weeks to continue setting up the charity.

What is the main purpose of your trip? To address some administrative bottlenecks with the charity, particularly to complete the registration of the charity and all legal requirements in Ghana.

What will you be doing? Three things: meeting officials of the Registrar General’s Department in Accra for the purposes stated above; meeting District Education officials in the Akuapem North District to follow up on previous meetings by one of our trustees; seeking audiences with the newly elected MP for the area to discuss the implementation of the project and seek support to expand its future reach.

What do you want to have achieved by the end of the trip? To have completed with all the administrative and legal requirements of registration and agree on plans for the running of the charity and a launch date in Ghana. Please pray.

Will there be any relaxation/holiday element? There will be lots of eating, especially all the delicacies such as snails and dry fish. We will also be visiting places like Cape Coast – a former European colonial capital; the National Museum of Ghana; plus one of the most culturally significant spots in all of Africa – Kakum National Park with its popular canopy walk.

What is the one thing you are fundraising for right now and where people can donate? The key thing we need right now is a vehicle or ‘mobile library’ to transport the books to the schools. People can donate here: We also appreciate donations of time, skills and books – let us know here if you can help:

What is the difference this will make? It will help improve literacy in the district. This is a necessary step in breaking the cycle of poverty by helping pupils develop academically to progress into senior high school and beyond, and also to gain skills that make them employable. The biggest challenge facing the country in youth unemployment which results from the mass failure of pupils to progress with their education past year 14 (after completing junior high school).

When will it start making a difference? Right from the beginning! It will help schoolteachers get pupils to read more and develop a hobby of reading. It will also help overage children (children who enrol for school later or older than the class average) by giving them coaching and assistance in their reading so they can possibly leapfrog their class to join their age group. Overage enrolment has been cited as one of the main factors for school dropouts: these pupils lag behind the class and psychologically feel they have failed from the start.

You can find out more about Giraffe Mobile Library at

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